The world's leading recycled fiber is made for the good of tomorrow.

The Process
High-quality recycled yarn made from recycled plastic bottles.
Our recycled fabrics contain harmless chemicals and are recyclable and biodegradable.
  1. Recycled Bottles

         Post-consumer bottles are collected.


  1. Repreve Flake

         Bottles are washed and chopped into flake.


  1. Repreve Chip

         Bottle flakes are melted and formed into chips.


  1. Repreve Recycled Fiber

         Chips are melted and made into yarn.


  1. Fabric
         The yarn is processed and textured just like virgin polyester and, dyed then woven or knitted into polyester fabric.

Recycled polyester fabric uses PET (polyethylene terephthalate) as raw material, and this comes from recycled plastic bottles which go to landfill. Recycled polyester uses 33-53% less energy than regular polyester, and it can be continuously recycled.

Recycled polyester also doesn’t require huge land to grow a crop or gallons of water like cotton for its production.

The reason recycled polyester (often written rPET) is considered a green option in textiles today is twofold. There is an argument that the energy needed to make the rPET is less than what was required to complete the virgin polyester in the first place, so we save energy.

Mindfulness of the environment using recycled plastic to make polyester reduces the amount of virgin plastic globally.

IMO CERTIFIED FABRICS  All products are IMO certified for the Maritime industry.  


Custom designs can be achieved upon request.
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