Who Are We

At Andriali Contract, our unwavering commitment is exemplified through a dedication to precision, ensuring the fulfillment of stringent requirements and tests vital to the discerning standards of the hospitality and cruising industry. Our bespoke services are meticulously tailored for each project, encompassing every facet from design inception to production, logistics, and distribution. Throughout this process, the enduring beauty and utility of our woven fabrics are consistently at the forefront of our considerations.

We foster a continuous and collaborative dialogue with design teams and project managers, ensuring seamless communication to provide valuable solutions and an array of options. This commitment to engagement underscores our proactive approach, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed expectations.

Our expeditious service is strategically aligned with the dynamic timelines of every project, reflecting our adherence to arduous standards and an overarching commitment to excellence. At Andriali Contract, excellence isn't just a goal; it's our standard.

Get to know us closely!

It is our story through the eyes of Esra!

The importance of a professional promotional text is perhaps indispensable for many people. However, I have always thought that a statement that comes from the heart achieves its purpose in a more direct and effective way. That's why I prefer to write our own short story from beginning to end, in my own words. I intend to write for those who can take the time to read.

 Our story began in Miami, it's true, it was one of the luckiest cities in the world. Across the deep blue ocean, Andrie, myself and Gökben came together to hold the first informal meeting of our General Assembly. As we sipped our coffee, Andrie suddenly started talking,
"If I were Turkish, what would my name be?" And I said, "Ali." Andrie-Ali. . . OMG!! At that moment, there was a silence and the name of our brand inspired everyone to write a great success story, as if making a
note in history. The date is June 16, 2016.  

Everything happened as if by the order of the Almighty Creator and we stepped into the Contract textile industry as a brilliant team. On that day, we set our main goal with the emphasis on "sharing", which is our mission as well as being success oriented. And thankfully, while making our dreams come true, we
were able to implement our NGO, which received 501c3 approval. Although the road is long, we have the courage, perseverance, faith, faith and invisible bonds of heart that are tightly knit to each other to walk this path. All in all, the team is gorgeous!

I'm Esra, I could swear I'm the luckiest person in the world, but I can't prove it. In my mother's words, I am a typical Gemini woman who is hardworking, crazy, intense, curious, exciting, unable to balance work and private life, but strives for it. I'm in love with my job, it's true. It is also a fact that I am determined and determined. I'm not going to write about my bad sides, because there are dozens of them, and they diminish as they are rasped. Be that as it may, nobody's perfect, right? I continue my efforts as I move towards my goal and knowing my purpose for being in this world.

I had a long corporate banking life, then I stepped into the textile industry in 2000. Working with textile manufacturers, who are doyens of their business, was one of my biggest chances.

I am very proud to see that we are able to carry my passion for 'Creating Added Value' fabric production and branding, which is my goal, further day by day by combining it with the corporate order and principles coming from the banking sector.

Like the story told by Louren Iseley, I am one of those who throws a starfish into the ocean. I believe that even a single starfish is important. However, I know that hundreds of them remain unnoticed along the miles and miles of long. And yet, conscious of this fact, I continue to throw them into the sea. The main
philosophy of our company is based on this feeling. In addition, our association, which resolutely helps those in need, takes its essence from this philosophy by acting with this idea.

Our association is fully funded by our company. This is one of the most important reasons for our success, with every single member of our team believing and aligned with this energy.

As for Andrie, he is the world's best partner, best friend, best psychologist, best photographer, best quantumist, and most loving person. He is someone who does his job with pure love and carefully processes every detail. He is our prince. She was a professional fashion photographer for many years. He couldn't stand my pleas and became a textile manufacturer. I'm glad it happened. If we were to call him with a single word, we would say 'peace'. He considers himself one of the seven sleepers. Maybe it is. All projects are born from his hand, shaped in my hands, and as I will tell you now, they are gently produced by Gökben and Melike and reach their final journey on the curtain and seat of the most beautiful ships in the world.

This is the most enjoyable happy end stop of our business. It takes years to wear out. When it's time to renew, we start to rewrite the story with the help of the archiving we organize on the basis of the ship in our office. This is the most important point that distinguishes us from our competitors. Our meticulously prepared trail records are available in both Miami and Turkey.

This is a system provided by the team in Turkey, and at this point, I have to admit that Turkey gives us an advantage over our competitors. 

And next up is Gökben. He was our lawyer. He helped us in all circumstances and made our work easier and colorful. As she helped us, she immersed herself in the irresistibly attractive and cunning gaze of textiles. He is the smartest of us. I have always been proud that this person, who is the brainpower of our company, is also my youngest brother. Its goal is to produce the most beautiful fabrics and the most impressive collections in the world. It has made us the most popular supplier by sending defect-free products every time. I don't know what his team thinks, but I think he's kind of serious. In fact, it is very serious. Sometimes we are afraid of him.

Another brother is coming. Angel! Isn't that nice? Melike, like her name, is Sultan. There is no job that he cannot do. He's a gourmet. It is not possible to taste the taste of the food he makes anywhere else. With a poisonous mind and practical wit, my mother turned her head many times and is the main subject of
stories that stretch over the years. He is in charge of all of our money, and the odds of making a numerical mistake or being manipulated have been proven to be one in a million. Our finances and accounting are in good hands. He has reached the level of ordinarius professor in Excel. At the end of every argument, he is right, and he is right. Next to him, you just feel happy. There's no guarantee that you won't have at least two fits of laughter in one
small conversation.

Our Logistics Supervisor Mustafa Tutlu, our R&D Supervisor Gökben (another Gökben) and we offer a great service that will make your life easier. All the doors have been opened for you to reach all of us at any time. Our customers are very valuable. With this awareness, we work hard for unconditional customer happiness. Hope our paths cross.